Открита стелажна система (Self-Supporting)


Apex Service Ltd. provides the best possible set of conditions for building a new or for reconstructing an already existing storage system. Our designers collect detailed information about the operative business of our customers in order to ensure that we could propose the most efficient version of a storage system in satisfaction of our customers’ requirements.

Our engineering team is responsible for creating a real dimensional project, which provides the possibility to adapt the standard storage systems to the specific customer’s needs.
The preparation of such a project ensures that all available storage space will be utilized to its optimum.

The storage systems are designed in conformity with the norms and requirements of FEM.

To design an efficient and quality construction we need to have the following data:

What do we need to know?

  • Information about the loads, including type of pallet, size and weight of the goods contained in the pallet;
  • Information about the warehouse – size, design documentation giving information about the flooring, the position of columns, industrial doors, lighting, sprinkler installations, height spans, etc.;
  • Information about the pallet movement cycle and their storage time;
  • Information about the operative processes – production or distribution;
  • Information about the number of pallet places that the customer needs;
  • Information about the shelf life of the goods to be stored. This information required because of the different handling methods - FIFO or LIFO;
  • Information about the handling machines – maximum load capacity, characteristics of the rated height of hoisting, dimensions of the aisle;