Mezzanine storage system

The mezzanine storage system is a product that enables our customer to use best the entire space of their warehouse. It allows optimal utilization of available space. Its flexible design enables fast dismounting, removal and mounting in another place or extending the existing structure. The geometry of the bearing beams and sills used in the mezzanine storage system allows for correct and covert laying of electrical wiring installation while keeping the nice outlook of the interior.


  • The bearing sills may be placed 7m. away from each other
  • It doubles even triples the warehouse usable area
  • The structure of bearing sills allows esthetical building of electrical wiring installation into the structure
  • Allows for fast dismounting and removal to another place

Mezzanine storage system

The system is made of the following basic components:

  1. Single column
  2. Double column
  3. Bearing beam
  4. Double bearing beam
  5. Bearing sill
  6. A square for the bearing sill
  7. Bracing element for the bearing sill
  8. Plate (not included)